The right way to Report 2023 Backdoor Roth In FreeTaxUSA (Up to date)

[Updated on January 28, 2024 with screenshots from FreeTaxUSA for 2023 tax filing.]

TurboTax and H&R Block are the 2 main tax software program for submitting private tax returns. A low-cost different to TurboTax and H&R Block software program is FreeTaxUSA. FreeTaxUSA isn’t solely for easy returns. It might probably nonetheless deal with extra advanced transactions, such because the Backdoor Roth.

Simply as a refresher, a Backdoor Roth includes making a non-deductible contribution to a Conventional IRA adopted by changing from the Conventional IRA to a Roth IRA. Each the contribution and the conversion should be reported within the tax software program. For extra data on Backdoor Roth, please learn Backdoor Roth: A Full How-To.

What To Report

You report on the tax return your contribution to a Conventional IRA *for* that yr, and also you report the conversion to Roth *throughout* that yr.

For instance, when you find yourself doing all your tax return for yr X, you report the contribution you made *for* yr X, whether or not you really did it throughout yr X or the next yr between January 1 and April 15. You additionally report the conversion to Roth *throughout* yr X, whether or not the contribution was made for yr X, the yr earlier than, or any earlier years. Subsequently a contribution made throughout the next yr for yr X goes on the tax return for yr X. A conversion performed throughout yr Y after you made a contribution for yr X goes on the tax return for yr Y.

You do your self a giant favor and keep away from loads of confusion by doing all your contribution for the present yr and ending your conversion in the identical yr. I known as this a “deliberate” Backdoor Roth — you’re doing it intentionally. Don’t wait till the next yr to contribute for the earlier yr.  Contribute for yr X in yr X and convert it throughout yr X. Contribute for yr Y in yr Y and convert it throughout yr Y. This fashion all the things is clear and neat.

If you’re already off by one yr, catch up. Contribute for each the earlier yr and the present yr, then convert the sum throughout the identical yr. See Make Backdoor Roth Simple On Your Tax Return.

Right here’s the situation we’ll use for example:

You contributed $6,500 to a standard IRA in 2023 for 2023. Your earnings is simply too excessive to say a deduction for the contribution. By the point you transformed it to Roth IRA, additionally in 2023, the worth grew to $6,700. You don’t have any different conventional, SEP, or SIMPLE IRA after you transformed your conventional IRA to Roth. You didn’t roll over any pre-tax cash from a retirement plan to a standard IRA after you accomplished the conversion.

In case your situation is totally different, you’ll have to make some changes to the screens proven right here.

Earlier than we begin, suppose that is what FreeTaxUSA exhibits:

We’ll examine the outcomes after we enter the Backdoor Roth.

Convert From Conventional IRA to Roth

The tax software program works on earnings gadgets first. Despite the fact that the conversion occurred after the contribution, we enter the conversion first.

Whenever you convert from a Conventional IRA to a Roth IRA, you’ll obtain a 1099-R. Full this part provided that you transformed *throughout* the yr for which you might be doing the tax return. In case you solely transformed throughout the next yr and also you don’t have a 1099-R but, skip to the following part: Conventional IRA Contribution. You’ll full this part subsequent yr.

In our instance, by the point you transformed, the cash within the Conventional IRA had grown from $6,500 to $6,700.

Click on on “Add a 1099-R” when it asks you concerning the 1099-R.

It’s only a common 1099-R.

Enter the 1099-R precisely as you’ve gotten it. Take note of the code in Field 7 and the checkboxes. It’s regular to have the identical quantity because the taxable quantity in Field 2a, when Field 2b is checked saying “taxable quantity not decided.”  Take note of the distribution code in Field 7. My 1099-R has code 2, and the IRA/SEP/SIMPLE field can also be checked.

Proper after you enter the 1099-R, you will note the refund quantity drop. Right here we went from a $1,540 refund to $264. Don’t panic. It’s regular and short-term. The refund quantity will come up once we end all the things.

It’s not an inherited IRA.

It asks you about Roth conversion. Reply Sure to conversion and enter the transformed quantity. This entire 1099-R is the results of a Roth conversion.

You might be performed with this 1099-R. Repeat in case you have one other 1099-R. In case you’re married and each of you probably did a Backdoor Roth, take note of whose 1099-R it’s whenever you enter the second. You’ll have issues should you assign each 1099-R’s to the identical particular person once they belong to every partner.

It asks you concerning the foundation carried over from earlier years. In case you did a clear “deliberate” backdoor Roth yearly, you’ll be able to reply “No.” If in case you have gone forwards and backwards earlier than you discovered this information, a few of your earlier solutions could also be caught. Answering “Sure” right here will provide you with an opportunity to assessment and proper them. If in case you have a quantity on line 14 of Kind 8606 out of your earlier yr’s tax return, reply Sure and enter it.

The values needs to be all 0 should you did a “clear” deliberate backdoor Roth.

We didn’t take any catastrophe distribution.

Now proceed with all different earnings gadgets till you might be performed with earnings. Your refund meter continues to be decrease than it needs to be, however it’s going to change quickly.

Conventional IRA Contribution

Discover the IRA Contributions part below the “Deductions / Credit” menu.

Reply Sure to the primary query and enter your contribution. Go away the reply to “Did you recharacterize” at No. In our instance, you contributed $6,500 on to a Conventional IRA. In case you initially contributed to a Roth IRA and then you definitely recharacterized the contribution as conventional contributions, enter the quantity within the Roth IRA field and select Sure beneath when it asks you whether or not you recharacterized.

Your refund quantity goes up once more! It was a refund of $1,540 earlier than we began. It went down loads and now it’s again to $1,496. The $44 distinction is because of paying tax on the $200 earnings earlier than we transformed to Roth.

We didn’t contribute to a SEP, SIMPLE, or solo 401k plan on this instance. Reply Sure should you did.

Withdraw means pulling cash out of a Conventional IRA again to your checking account. Changing to Roth is just not a withdrawal. Reply ‘No‘ right here.

All values are zero whenever you did a “clear” deliberate Backdoor Roth.

It tells us we don’t get a deduction as a result of our earnings was too excessive. We all know. That’s why we did the Backdoor Roth.

In case you solely contributed *for* final yr however you didn’t convert till the next yr, bear in mind to come back again subsequent yr to complete the conversion half.

Taxable Earnings from Backdoor Roth

After going via all these, let’s affirm the way you’re taxed on the Backdoor Roth. Click on on the three dots on the highest proper above the IRA Deduction Abstract after which click on on “Preview Return.”

Search for Line 4 in Kind 1040.

It exhibits $6,700 in IRA distributions in line 4a and solely $200 is taxable in line 4b. If you’re married submitting collectively and each of you probably did a backdoor Roth, the numbers right here will present double.

Tah-Dah! You place cash right into a Roth IRA via the backdoor whenever you aren’t eligible to contribute to it instantly. You pay tax on a small quantity of earnings should you waited between contributions and conversion. That’s negligible relative to the good thing about having tax-free development in your contributions for a few years.


In case you adopted the steps and you aren’t getting the anticipated outcomes, right here are some things to test.

W-2 Field 13

Ensure the “Retirement plan” field in Field 13 of the W-2 you entered into the software program matches your precise W-2. If you’re married and each of you’ve gotten a W-2, ensure your entries for each W-2’s match the precise varieties you acquired.

When you’re not lined by a retirement plan at work, resembling a 401k or 403b plan, your Conventional IRA contribution could also be deductible, which additionally makes your Roth conversion taxable.

Self vs Partner

If you’re married, ensure you don’t have the 1099-R and the IRA contribution combined up between your self and your partner. In case you inadvertently assigned two 1099-Rs to at least one particular person as an alternative of 1 for you and one in your partner, the second 1099-R won’t match up with a Conventional IRA contribution made by a partner. In case you entered a 1099-R for each your self and your partner however you solely entered one Conventional IRA contribution, you may be taxed on one 1099-R.

Say No To Administration Charges

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Discover Recommendation-Solely


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